The Public Service Party will elect candidates who are true PUBLIC SERVANTS. 

We want to create an America that works for all of us–not just the wealthiest few.

We’ll run democratic  WRITE-IN CANDIDATES  in EVERY district, in EVERY state, where Republicans are running unopposed this November. In state legislatures across the country, 5,000 seats are up for election in November 2018. Thirteen percent of those seats will automatically be won by a Republican candidates because they have no challenger!

We’re RECRUITING NOW! Find out how to run as a write-in candidate or help us identify progressive democrats who can run in these red districts and WIN — 

In Georgia, 77 seats in the house and senate will automatically go to Republicans because there is no opposition. That’s ONE THIRD of the legislature! We can’t afford to let Republicans take these seats without a fight!

So often, people in deep red states never have an option of voting for a progressive candidate. This year, we’ll give them that chance!

This is the ONLY way to win more seats for democratic candidates.  Running a nationwide write-in candidate campaign has NEVER been tried! It’s a HUGE undertaking, with a super short timetable. It’s provocative AND DISRUPTIVE!  We’ll be like the Uber or Lyft of Politics. Changing the system to work FOR THE PEOPLE.

TOGETHER we can create change from the local to the state and federal level.. electing candidates who can protect our values and move this country forward.

Join the Write-in Revolution today! 

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Why Will a Write-in Revolution Work?

This is the ONLY way to get real citizen candidates elected to office. Most people won’t run for office because it costs too much money and is a huge time commitment. This fresh idea allows people to run at little to NO COST and FAST.

It’s a super short timetable. People only pay attention for a short time when it comes to political campaigns. We’ll get more people engaged exactly when it matters most.

 There are no filing fees or campaign finance rules in most states for write-in candidates. It’s a low-cost way to run for office. You don’t have to pay to play!


Join us and get started QUICKLY! You can run, have the support of the Public Service Party organization (personalized website, flyers, yard signs, and help with stump speeches). We’ll give you the support you need to succeed.


Mobilize voters If you’re a student, get your campus to support you. If you’re a community organizer, connect with your fellow activists and start a campaign. If you have previous political experience, mobilize your base and get in the race!


Change the political process! The more people we get engaged and voting, the more it will help candidates at the top of the Democratic ticket. We can win legislative seats, but if we can ALSO win more governor and US House and Senate seats, we can start to see the change we want in America. It all starts with YOUR VOTE!

Share this idea with everyone you know! The more people who join the party, the more people we have to support progressive candidates for the November