US GA House District 8

Jimmy Cooper is from Lizella, Georgia, and is running for US House District 8. He’s the Green Party nominee and has been endorsed by the Public Service Party as well. “I want to bring about progressive changes to our political, social, and economic order, and I want to inspire working-class Americans all over the U.S. to run for office at every level of government, and work to bring about progressive change.” Better lower cost health care, more living wage jobs and bringing the American people together are the main tenets of Jimmy’s campaign. “Americans are concerned that Republicans and Democrats in government don’t work together, and that people are uncivil to one another, rather than respectful, and that people are too divided to work together for the common good. I’m committed to help change that.”

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GA Senate District 30

Anne O’Bryant is a recent retiree who worked for 40 years in retail management. She’s married to a navy vet and lives in Douglasville. She’s lived in her city for 17 years, and not once has she had the opportunity to vote for a democrat in her local district! She’s running for Senate District 30 to “do my best to actually improve the lives of families. Mike Dugan has spent most of his time focused on religious freedom legislation. That does  nothing to help people pay their bills. Religious freedom is already guaranteed in the Constitution. I’ll spend my time working hard for the people of my district and will help a democratic state congress expand Medicare and work towards a living wage for all Georgians.”

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GA House District 02 

Michelle Simmons is from Dalton and works in finance and banking. She graduated from Kennesaw State University. She’s a mom of two girls and feels a close tie to her community in North Georgia: “I want the people in my community to have a choice when they go to the polls this November! I don’t feel the Republican party represents the people. My community is mostly rural so career politicians can’t possibly understand what we go through and what our community truly needs.” Access to affordable health care and universal health care is an issue that’s especially important to Michelle.  “So many in my area go without basic healthcare because they do not have coverage and cannot afford to self-pay. Even the insured are not safe — my dad is still fighting a $64,000 denied surgery bill for my mom who passed away from cancer in February.”

GA House District 103

Dr. Jacqueline Mohair holds a ministry doctorate and degrees in business and marketing. She is a small business owner and mother of three. Jacqueline lives in Buford and feels it’s key to serve your community first. “It’s very important that we all be engaged in this current political climate.” Giving democratic voters a solid choice this November is the main reason she’s running. She’s focused on expanding medicaid so our state can get millions of dollars to reopen hospitals and doctor offices, investing in small business owners to help them succeed and fighting human trafficking, a serious problem in the metro-Atlanta area.

GA House 176

Barbara Seidman is a retired small business owner who lives in Waycross. She had a long career in teaching and working for herself, but as a retiree, she wants to donate all of her time to working for the public good. Barbara ran a strong campaign for GA US House District 1 this year and pulled in more than 10,000 votes. She’s eager to serve ALL the people of district 176, no matter which party they belong to.  “It’s the duty of all elected officials to represent ALL of their constituents. We deserve better than what we have now.” Barbara will work for affordable health care, expanding Medicaid, quality education and higher paying jobs so Georgia families can make ends meet.

Republican Seats with No Opposition:

Senate:  18     (See all Senate Races)
House:   59     (See all House Races)
Total:      77   (32.6%)

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Write-in Candidate Rules

A write-in candidate can only run in the general election. A candidate cannot run as a write-in if he or she ran for the same office as a political party candidate in the immediately preceding primary election. A write-in candidate must file a notice of intention of write-in candidacy with the Georgia Secretary of State no earlier than January 1 in the year of the election and no later than the first Monday in September (Sept. 3, 2018) in the year of the election. After the notice of intention is filed, a notice must also be published in a newspaper with general circulation in the state. Once this notice has been published, the candidate must file with the Georgia Secretary of State a copy of the published notice, as well as an affidavit stating that the notice has been published. The affidavit can be filled out by the candidate or by the publisher or an employee of the newspaper.

Source: Ballotpedia


Candidate Requirements

State Senate:    Age: 25    State Resident:   2 yr   District Resident:  1 yr    Registered Voter:   Yes

State House      Age: 21    State Resident:   2 yr  District Resident    1 yr   Registered Voter:   Yes

Source: Ballotpedia

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